• Rexpo abrasive blasting is a fundamental component of the oil & gas, steel fabrication, and marine industries. The clear trend across all industry sectors is towards the use of garnet abrasives. When compared to other abrasives, GMA Garnet™ provides a wide range of competitive advantages, including:

    • High productivity – lower abrasive consumption, with lower labour and disposal costs
    • A cleaner finish– little to no embedment, rough peaks and troughs
    • Low dust – improved operator safety, reduced clean up costs
    • Minimal health and safety risks – little to no risk to human health
    • Recyclability – can be recycled several times, resulting in much less waste
    • Environmental friendliness – no hazardous compounds or by-products

    GMA Garnet™ is approved by leading paint manufacturers, and is the preferred abrasive among major oil companies, full-service shipyards, and international fabricators.

    Major Industries

    • Oil & Gas
    • Energy
    • Pipelines & steel fabrication
    • Défense
    • Shipbuilding & maintenance
    • Construction & infrastructure
    • Transportation

    We offer a complete range of garnet abrasives for any surface preparation requirement from removing resistant coatings and heavy rust to polishing glass and delicate restoration work.